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Beam Systems have designed, prototyped and are now marketing information packages and website maintenance systems, primarily for the sports club and sporting organisation markets. We will also be catering for Local Areas / Towns and the mainstream business market.

Our content management system allows someone with little or no technical ability full control over the their website. Password Protected Management Consoles on our servers allow authorised personnel to connect directly to the content of their website from any PC connected to the internet anywhere in the world.

Each client will be given a facility on their respective website for revenue generation. As our packages are relatively cheap, we would envisage each of our clients making a profit from our service with the exception of our business clients. This advertisement management facility is unique to our product, and is currently unavailable from any other source in this country.

We have experience building systems for clients in each of the markets we cater for, and are currently have clients in each of our target markets. Beam Systems and our clients are currently carrying out extensive testing for functionality of these packages and so far have been extremely pleased with the favourable results we have received.